‚New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings’. So many of us are afraid of change. Shall we be?

I believe change can be good no matter what consequences it brings. That’s because it always teaches us a lesson. It only depends on us if we will draw any conclusions from it.

Change means something’s gonna end? Yes, but it’s in our power to choose if we want to move back, turn around, chase the past as long as it is possible.

What if we won’t be able to go back or even worse – get something/somebody back. That’s the risk we are taking.

What if change does not depend on us, just happens naturally? Then we need to learn how to let it go and that might be the biggest unexpected change we will ever have to make in ourselves.

Why did I touch upon this subject? That’s because I have realized that once the biggest, most unexpected and painful change had occurred to me, I stopped taking my chances to make any distinctive changes in my life.

I eventually needed a peaceful harbor which would let me stay for a while, just to prepare myself to dive back into the world of insecurity.

Why? Because I am cured? No, because nobody is going to live my life for me.

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